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  You WILL PROFIT From This Business Or

We’ll Refund Your Money & Pay You $100.00 - Guaranteed!

This Program Has Already Given Over $250 MILLION In Profits

To People Just Like You!


Want To Put Over $30,000.00 Dollars In Your Pocket Next Month?

Imagine putting over $30,000.00 in your pocket in just a single Month & then see it happen again Month after Month after Month!   It’s possible and much easier than you think!   In fact, it’s so easy we Guarantee that you’ll see Earnings the Very First Day you start this business or we’ll refund your Entire Purchase Price PLUS pay you an extra $100.00 so there is absolutely no way you can lose …


With or Without a Computer, the money you can make in this program can change your life forever just as it did mine and many, many others, and that means Better EVERYTHING for you and your family!   Whatever is important to you, a Better House, a Better Car, Better Healthcare, Better Clothes, Better Food, Better Vacations, Better Lifestyle – Better Everything & the Free Time to Enjoy It!   You and Your Family can have Security & Piece of Mind with a Lifetime Residual Income that never stops!   Here’s Proof …


People Just Like YOU Have Already Received Well Over $ 250 Million Dollars!

 Well over $250 Million Dollars in Profits have already been paid out to people just like you changing their lives for the better!   Over $2 Million in Profits were paid out just last month and you receive this income Forever!   It just keeps building and never stops!   This business takes about 1 hour to set up and then completely runs itself so you can literally relax all day in your favorite easy chair and make money automatically – Guaranteed!


Imagine the feeling of being able to relax and knowing that you have enough money for whatever you want in life - and the Time to enjoy it!   Everything is done for you in this business so it doesn’t matter if you’re Young or Old, Rich or Poor, Smart or “Brainless” – Anyone & Everyone can Profit the very same day it’s received …


… We Guarantee It & Back It Up With $100.00 Of Our Own Money To Prove It!


Who We Are & Why You Can Trust Us!

 Information Brokerage Services, Inc. is a registered Kansas Corporation that’s been in business over 12 years.   We are listed with several Business Agencies where we have an A+ rating and exceptional business track record.   The only thing you have to lose by not trying is a Free $100 Bill, but you’ll receive much, much more - the Business and Support you need to succeed because …


When You Join This Business,

You Join A Family!

Our company is like one big Family with everyone helping each other to make as much money as possible.   The business runs itself, but if for any reason you do need help getting started, everyone here who helps you are normal, average people just like yourself who and made the right decision to get their own business just like you can do now.  They’re making phenomenal money and volunteer their time to help you do the same … and why not, running their business only takes a couple hours per month (if that) so you get help through Personal Experience!


  What Would YOU Want In A “Perfect” Business?

How about one that generated Income for you and your family 24hrs per day, 365 days per year without you lifting a finger?   One that provided you with a Lifetime Residual Income that continues to build and never stops?   One that did not require you to talk to anyone or personally sell anything?   One with No Monthly or Annual Expenses?   One that did not require you to handle or ship any products?   One that did not require you to have any Special Skills and was so simple it will make money for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime - Every time - Guaranteed?   One that requires No meetings, No phone calls, and No paperwork?  One whose Support Team is other Successful Owners that can help you through Personal Experience?   How about a business that was proven to be profitable (even Guaranteed!) and has already paid out Hundreds of Millions of dollars to people just like You and can provide Financial Freedom & Security to end your Money Worries Forever?


You Can Change Your Life Right Now!

Who would you rather be … the poor guy on the left who has to show up to work everyday lugging around heavy boxes and stocking store shelves OR as an Owner on the right, relaxing without a care in the world as you make money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as people shop from Thousands of the most popular Stores in the world containing Millions of products that put money in your pocket without you doing any work!?

Stop Making Money The

Start Making Money The EASY

Be “SMART” & You Can Make Money While Sitting Around Relaxing All Day!

 You don’t have to convince someone to go shop at Wal-Mart or Target or Best Buy or The Home Depot, or Ebay or Amazon.com or any of the other thousands of stores that you will make money from when people shop.   We make your Business a One-Stop Shopping Oasis where people can access any one of thousands of the Most Popular Online & Offline Stores in the country.   We call it the “S.H.O.P.” which stands for your Shopping Heaven Online Portal , and it offers them something they can’t get anywhere else – the Absolute Lowest Price Guaranteed on Everything and it pays them Cash when they do their normal, everyday shopping – Online AND in the Stores, Restaurants, Gas Stations, and everywhere else they shop at in person!


Over $2,000,000.00 In Pure Profits Were Paid Out Just Last Month!

Statistics show that since November, 2011 more people prefer to shop online from the comfort of their own home than fight the crowds in the store and here’s why; Saves Time (73%), Compare Prices (59%), More Variety (67%), Lower Prices (55%), Less Taxes (30%), No Crowds (58%), and Spend Less On Gas (40%)!  You don’t have to agree with these statistics (or even understand them) BUT in order for you to make Easy, Guaranteed Money while sitting around in your pajamas doing nothing, You do need take action and get your SHOP to Profit from the fact that people spend Billions & Billions of dollars each year shopping online!


We Pay Shoppers To Be Your Customers At No Cost To You!

Your Customers are Guaranteed the absolute lowest price on the item(s) they need and then get paid up to 35% Cash Back Profits!   That’s a $35 profit on a $100 purchase!   Then, we pay them more to refer others to your SHOP!   YOU make money from their purchases, and the people they refer, and the people those people refer and so on through 7 referral levels deep!   As an incentive, they’re paid a $60.00 Bonus to refer just 5 friends meaning you would be making money from over 78,000 shoppers buying Food, Clothes, Supplies, Furniture, Toys, Appliances, Cosmetics, Hardware,  Electronics, – you name it!  


  You Can Easily Make Over $30,000 Per Month!

 Why is it not only possible, but easy for you to be making Over $30,000 each & every month without doing any work because when people do their normal everyday shopping – You make money off of everything!   Someone buys Toothpaste or Deodorant - You make money!   Peanut Butter or Coffee- you make money!   A Cell Phone, Computer, or a DVD - you make money!   A Frying Pan or Toaster – You make money!   A pair of Socks or Jeans - You make Money!   Wine Glasses or Wine itself – You make money!   Batteries or a Toy for their Child - You make money … and on and on – you get the picture!  You even receive Profits from the items you need and purchase.   If you let us pay your customers to create the Referral Network above for you and their individual shopping averages just $200 per month (and who doesn’t spend that on groceries alone!) you’ll receive over $30,000 Each & Every Month!  With your SHOP, you could easily be receiving Cash Profits from the stuff people buy everyday – Hundreds of Millions of products from Thousands of the most popular Stores, not just in the US & Canada, but World Wide so if someone in Japan buys Chopsticks – You make money!


Get Your SHOP Absolutely Free!

 We call it our Free For Five deal and it not only gives you your SHOP for Free, but puts you on the Fast Track to over $30,000 per Month!   We’ll Program, Build, and Manage your SHOP Website which will allow you to start automatically receiving Cash Profits from Hundreds of Millions of Products sold at Thousands of the most Popular Stores in the Country (and World Wide) for a one-time investment of just $85!   There are absolutely NO monthly or annual fees, Hosting costs, expenses, or anything else – ever!   This simply covers our costs to get you set up (just 1 year of hosting a website on your own would cost you more than $85), but we want you to start enjoying your new SHOP right away … and give it to you free!   Solely at Your Option, you can use our “Free For Five” program which pays you back $85 when you refer 5 friends.   It’s easy (even Without a Computer) and pays you back so your SHOP costs you absolutely $0.00!   You can also receive Additional Bonuses totaling $25,000 in just 3 months to give you an incentive to start right away!

3 Easy Steps To Start Making Money In About 1 Hour!

  Step 1.    When you receive your SHOP in the mail ( please allow 2 weeks for us to build it and send it to you by first class mail) simply take about 30 min. to follow easy instructions to set up a few Free Online Accounts and copy your tracking links.  

  No Computer, No Problem!   If you don’t have a Computer, Smart Phone or brief access to one of these at work, a local library, a friend, etc. (or you have one but just don’t want to do it yourself) then we will do it for you strictly at our cost!


Step 2.   Set up any of the Free Offline (No Computer) or Online (Computer) Advertising Options of your choice.   This is also very simple and only takes about 30 min. then just let your Referral Network do the job for you - you’re done!


Step 3.   Sit  back and start making money!  Your SHOP is now running on Auto-Pilot so you can go out and enjoy yourself, spend time with your family, or just sit around in your pajamas all day and let your SHOP make money for you!


Bonus – Get Cash Even When Shopping Offline!

Shopping Online is great for a lot of people, but what about the times you and your customers are physically in the stores shopping or purchasing fuel for your car (you can’t buy that online) or in a Restaurant having dinner or all the other times you’re buying something that’s not online?  As a Bonus for getting your SHOP today you’ll have the chance to receive Cash when you’re at all the places you shop at personally!   Get your SHOP Today with this (Can’t Lose) Guaranteed offer & Special Bonus!

If You Miss This Chance … You’ll Have Nobody To Blame But Yourself!

If you already had this business, you could have pocketed some Cash while reading this letter because this business Automatically makes money for you while you’re doing other things.   Imagine spending your days doing whatever you want knowing that you’re making money from Thousands and Thousands of referred Shoppers that other people made for you!   Others have already received over $250 Million Dollars in Cash Profits!   You could be receiving up to $30,000 or more Each & Every Month without working!  It’s easy (and Profits are Guaranteed!) but if you don’t act now and get your SHOP today – you have nobody to blame but yourself!



Your SHOP Support Family

IBS, Inc.


P.S .   This business is Completely Automated so you can literally sit around in your Pajamas all day and simply let it make money for you!   Since we pay shoppers to refer others, it’s like having thousands of Sales People out there doing all the work and bringing in Customers which Automatically makes you money 24/7 all year long from Millions of Products sold by Thousands of the most popular Stores World Wide that people purchase every single day!   We Guarantee it with a full refund Plus $100.00 if you don’t see Profits from this business!  Be sure to get your SHOP Today so you can get Cash even when shopping Offline!

Get Started For Just $85, No Monthly Expenses, And Don't Forget About Our
Free For Five Program Which Can Make Your SHOP Absolutely Free!

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